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K2UN. inauguration 1976

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United Nations Headquarters, New York, Secretariat News, 16 November 1976

The UN Amateur Radio Club Station K2UN was officially inaugurated last month (21 October 1976) by Mr. M. Mili, Secretary-General of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Speaking of amateur radio stations, Mr. Mili suggested that they were links in a "one-world concept" a concept envisioned by the great religious leaders and philosophera. He mentioned the humanitarian role played by amateur radio in the case of disaster, accidents or medical emergencies, and the contribution it made to technical research.

Mr. Genichi Akatani, Assistant Secretary-General, OPI, and Mr. Bohdan Lewandowski, Under-Secretary- DCS, also addressed the guests. Speakers from the American Radio Relay League were H. Dannals, W2TUK, President; S. Zak, K2SJO, Director Hudson Division, and N. Eaton, VE3CJ.

Mr. de Henseler expressed the Club's thanks to Bob McClean of the Church Centre for his help in providing space; to the ARRL for their support, and to the Yeasu Musen Company of North America for their loan of equipment.

Others present were: J. P. Burgio, W2JB, and D. Beckworth, W2QM from the North Jersey DX Assoc T. Endo, Deputy Chief of UN Radio; and from the Club - J. Doherty, W2UYX, V. Sullivan, KS8CG, W. Strysko, W2ZUB, and B. Kiss.

The Club's premises are on the third floor of the UN Church Centre, 777, UN Plaza. It will soon be fully operational.

Seen here are Mohamed Mili (left), Secretary-General of ITU, and Max de Henseler, President of the UN Amateur Radio Club.

Harry Dannals, W2TUK, President of the American Radio Relay League, is seen making a statement. Looking on form left: Max de Henseler, HB9RS/W2, President of the UN Amateur Radio Club; Gerard J. Doherty, W2UYX, UN Station Manager; Mohamed Mili, Secretary-General of ITU; Noel Eaton, VE3CJ, President of the International Amateur Radio Union, Stan Zak, K2SJO, Director of the American Radio Relay League, Hudson Division; Bohdan Lewandowski, Under-Secretary and Genichi Akatani, Assistant Secretary-General.

Text and photos are courtesy of:

- United Nations Headquarters, New York, Secretariat News
- The United Nations Photo Unit
- Max de Henseler, HB9RS

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