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4U1UN, over the years

4U1UN History

4U1UN – its first station located inside a metal filing cabinet, located at 40 th floor in a corner of a huge room shared with painting, carate, dance and other UNSRC (United Nations Staff Recreation Council) Clubs.
Operating the station W2TO, Hans Meurer a devoted friend from the NJDXA, April 1978

Station equipment was:
Yaesu FT-101E Transceiver,
Yaesu FL-2100B Power Amplifier
Yaesu FV-101B VFO
Yaesu YO-100 Scope

October 1985
From left to right standing:
JS1DLC/N2IEB Ken Arakwa; JA3AER/N2ATT, Taizo Arakawa; KD2HA, Ichiharu Hayashi; N2ATF, Iwao Kobayashi

From left to right seating:
ON4HE, Alain Moerenhaut, HB9RS, Max de Henseler

Station equipment was:
Kenwood TS-830 S Transceiver
Kenwood TL-922 Power Amplifier

Wooden Plaque offered by Philip Muller, KA2DYB

Philip Muller, KA2DYB (1986), now WW2T

IZ4AKS, Giorgio Minguzzi, operating 4U1UN in July 1997

The 4U1UN station in 2008:
FT-1000 Transceiver

Icom 756 Pro III Transceiver
Acom1000 Power Amplifier

Kenwood TS-2000 Transceiver
Kenwood TL-922 Power Amplifier

4U1UN antennas on top of the United Nations building, used during the October 2009 activity week.
Big IR vertical Antenna (80m – 10m)
Multiband Dipol
3 element beam for 50 MHz

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